A look back at Power of Programming 2014

Feedback from participants

"Congratulations¡ ....A great experience"

"As the previous conference, again a stimulating mix of topics around epigenetics, programming and early feeding, trying to shed light at the many new questions arising. Highlight was resurrection of Lamarck and Darwin.... Final Highlight was again Ricardo Uauy, refreshlingly straightforward and politically incorrect!"

"A truly fantastic meeting - many thanks!"

"Overall excellent meeting support. Food and water were plentiful. Evening events much appreciated."

"Thank you very much for this interesting and valuable meeting."

"Congratulation with this wonderful meeting"

"Beautiful food and very thoughtful organised! We felt incredibly welcomed and fantastically well looked after! It was such a friendly atmosphere, it was a pleasure to be there!"

"Scientifically I feel we need to push harder towards the next level. We know about the disadvantageous environments pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. I think more emphasis needs to be put on prevention (as beautifully elucidated in the final plenary session, the costs are incredible!),[...] We know about the benefit of exercise, we don't need to look further as to if exercise is helpful and when. [..] Definitely the '-omics' science is a very exciting field and needs to be watched closely!"


(c) by Rhonda Smith





15 CME credits by the German Medical Assoc.
14 CME credits by the UEMS